Life is like that!

How will I survive? Is this my new home? Will we like the place? Was it a good decision? ….stream of questions has not ended yet! There are many more that ebb & flow in my mind 24×7.

Having lived in Asia for over three decades, in Asia Pacific for about an year and now  United States, I feel like an astronaut who takes a flight to explore a different world with enthusiasm, anxiety, fear and risk  (this analogy is inspired by NASA :)!). This surreal sensation of being so far away from my roots grips me as I tap on my laptop keys!!!

Most of my recent life has been so robotic, routine & predictable that I never thought breaking away from it will be such an intense concoction of emotions and thoughts.

“Things that I nurtured with all my love and passion moved away from me like sand slips through hands and new experiences that I never thought I would have in this lifetime, have left me left me overwhelmed”
“A few things that unconsciously I started taking for granted look like a dream now – my greatest support my family back home,  the familiarity with the place, my neighbourhood, my roads and lanes, my shops, my job that literally consumed me ! 🙂 … goes on and on”

“My husband and my son who keep me going and make me feel indebted to the Almighty for making them a part of my Life”

All in a hope that this transition is a launching pad break for next chapter in life!

In my write-ups I will share the vivid memories from the cherished years gone by and my vision for future life and yes…most importantly some great tips for those on the move!! All from a common man’s lens of life!!!

Would also love to hear from those who have survived travel transitions…..!!!

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