My Fitness Dream!

Today morning is one of those mornings that I dream of every night!

My typical day, in this part of my life (where I am donning the avatar of stay-at-home mom) starts with morning hustle bustle of me helping my 6-year-old getting ready for his school, preparing breakfast for the family and cycling along with my son to his school. I have perfected this routine to the extent that I can perform it in my sleep too. 🙂

My mind works like a blender with loads of miscellaneous thoughts pouring into it on how shall I plan my day – job search, family calls, online course, activities for my son, family meals since all three of us have our defined choices!! and most importantly My FITNESS given I have luxury of time.

This morning after wrapping up my morning family regime I slipped into my sports gears and headed out for a run around my neighbourhood. My exercise pattern is the weirdest that I have come across so far. While I have perfected the art of dreaming fitness, I have miles to cover to turn my dream into practice. My goals is 4 days a week which invariably boils down to 4 days in a month. With now being on the wrong side of my thirties, ‘Fat Demon’ as I call it keep raising his head in my thoughts more often than ever.

My story summed up below!!!!!


While I explore ways and means to achieve my FITNESS DREAM, I will be glad to hear from you on  fitness ideas!


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