SPHR Preparation

It certainly is not easy to get back to studying after more than a decade of time lapse. ¬†What adds to the challenge is when this time lapse if filled with adventures and experiences of being in a new country, embracing new ways of life and in midst of new people!! Narrowing it down to […]

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My Fitness Dream!

Today morning is one of those mornings that I dream of every night! My typical day, in this part of my life (where I am donning the avatar of stay-at-home mom) starts with morning hustle bustle of me helping my 6-year-old getting ready for his school, preparing breakfast for the family and cycling along with […]

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Life is like that!

How will I survive? Is this my new home? Will we like the place? Was it a good decision? ….stream of questions has not ended yet! There are many more that ebb & flow in my mind 24×7. Having lived in Asia for over three decades, in Asia Pacific for about an year and now […]

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